Zero Zero
David Ai

A new thriller coming in 2020.

During the late 1980s, in the dying years of the Cold War, Lance McAuley is a professional diver working on oil rigs off the coast of Central West Africa. When, during one dive, he uncovers a German Second World War Enigma code machine on a French submarine events are set in motion that threaten to upend his life and the safety of all he loves. As the secrets of Nazi SS agents and their stolen treasure entangles him in a web of intrigue he races from New Zealand to Africa and Europe to find the answers.

In a non-stop thriller Lance and his nephew Jamie enter a world of World War 2 French resistance fighters and Vichy regime submariners, desperate treasure hunters and ruthless smugglers, all set to the soundtrack of the 1980s. Is it all worth the risk? Or is there truly no way out for Lance and his family?

David is working on the next book in the series now – Zero Point. Look for it in 2021.