Novels that spin readers out of the everyday and shift them into new worlds.

David Ai writes thrillers that are not quite Fantasy and not yet Science Fiction. His Dark series, set in Asia, twists the real amongst the speculative to create a vision where you’re never quite sure whether he reveals truth or describes parable. Varho – The Hong Kong Dark describes the world of Brethren and the threat they pose to the world. He is currently working on the next instalment. Look for it in 2024.

David Ai’s Zero Zero take you back to the 1980s when there were no mobile phones and the internet was an experiment known only to a few. The Cold War still pits the West against the Soviet Union and threatens all with mutual annihilation. His Zero stories span the globe from New Zealand, to Africa, and Europe to Asia following the adventurous exploits of Lance McAuley as he chases down the next mystery.

Underlying all his novels is the deeper mystery of how our world came to be and how all might not be what it seems. David is working on Zero Point the next in the series with a publish date of 2023.